Living Here

  1. Agricultural Activities

    Find information on the agricultural activities that are offered in the county.

  2. Airport

    Find information on our local airport.

  3. Board of Supervisors

  4. Broadband Initiative

    We are looking for ways to increase broadband coverage in and around the county.

  5. Climate & Weather

    View average weather for this area.

  6. Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

    A CEDS is developed from a continuous planning process developed with broad-based and diverse community participation that addresses the economic problems and potential of a specific area.

  7. Demographics

    View demographic information for the County.

  8. Economic Development Commission

    The Board of Supervisors established the Commission for the purpose of reviewing and recommending economic development projects for consideration.

  9. Guide to Campbell County

    Living in Campbell County means a traditional lifestyle with progressive visions

  10. Healthcare

    Find the healthcare options made available to you in the county.

  11. Industrial Development Authority

    Find information on those currently serving on the industrial development authority board.

  12. Request More Information

    Fill out our form to let us know what you would like to know more about.

  13. Residential Options

    Come find information about the new developments in Campbell County.

  14. Towns - Altavista & Brookneal

    Two incorporated towns lie within Campbell County's borders. Each town elects a governing town council and selects a mayor.

  15. Water / Waste Water

    Find information on connecting your water and what monthly fees are.